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Carmouche Ad Hypocrisy Round-Up

Carmouche's ads tell one story- his actions don't match up

Coastal lawsuit trial-lawyer John Carmouche is no stranger to showing his hypocrisy to the public in pursuit of profit, at the expense of Louisiana jobs. In his recent TV ads, a desperate attempt to mislead Louisianans about his motives and to support his war on their livelihoods, he's taken his lies and hypocrisy to a new level.

Over the last several weeks, we've taken a look at the claims he's made in those ads. You can watch the ads below.

As we've covered, the ads contain many hypocritical and outright misleading claims. Let's take a line-by-line look at some of his claims.

  • Carmouche says "We're starting to win", yet loses big in St. Mary Parish

  • Carmouche attacks "The Biden Administration and Washington Liberals", yet he and his firm fund the campaigns of Washington liberals, including Joe Biden and Barack Obama

  • Carmouche says "When liberals give a bailout, taxpayers like you pay the bill"- except it's Carmouche himself who took a $730,000 taxpayer-funded bailout from Washington liberals

  • Carmouche says he wants to "Make polluters pay to clean up their environmental mess", yet defends using settlement money for pay raises for government employees, rather than cleaning up the coast

  • Carmouche says "Polluters should pay, so taxpayers don't have to", while pushing a credit scheme that would stick taxpayers with the bill for his fees, and result in very little new coastal restoration funding

It's clear from Carmouche's entire record that these ads are little more than posturing, an effort to build public support for his anticipated taxpayer funded windfall, helping him get richer, while doing nothing to fix our coast.

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