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Coastal Lawsuits Make Louisiana “Judicial Hellhole”

Updated: May 20

New Report Highlights Negative Impact of Trial-Lawyer Backed Coastal Litigation

A new report today from the American Tort Reform Foundation outlines the cost of Louisiana’s trial-lawyer backed coastal lawsuits.

The annual “Judicial Hellhole Report” includes, for the ninth consecutive year, Louisiana as one of the nation’s worst legal climates for individuals and business. That has earned Louisiana a distinction as an “Everlasting Judicial Hellhole”, with American Tort Reform Association President Tiger Joyce saying “Louisiana is no stranger to being ranked a Judicial Hellhole”, and going on to blame the coastal litigation, saying “Coastal lawsuits continued to drag on in the state, as well as concerning acts of misconduct in the judiciary.”

The report is highly critical of the privately-backed coastal lawsuits, declaring that the lawsuits “stretch the law far beyond its intent, ignore critical facts and involve private lawyers in a space meant for democratically elected decision makers who are accountable to the public.” Joyce added of the lawsuits, “Rather than allowing elected officials to create policies that benefit the public, these private lawsuits reinforce the state's litigious reputation, drive up business costs, and kill jobs for thousands of hard-working Louisianans.”

While the coastal lawsuits are devastating to Louisiana’s legal climate, the report highlights the very real cost for Louisiana citizens. Lawsuit abuse costs every Louisianan $451 every year in “tort taxes”, amounting to a loss of $3.87 billion in economic activity and 22,500 lost jobs. Another report shows the coastal litigation alone costing us more than 2,000 jobs and $70 million per year in lost earnings.

As we’ve covered, trial lawyers spend big money in Louisiana’s elections to maintain Louisiana’s status as a “Judicial Hellhole”. They spend big to grow their bank accounts, and our economy and citizens suffer because of it.

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