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Getting Rich Off Taxpayers, Carmouche Only Pretends to Care About Tax Dollars

Coastal Lawsuit Trial-Attorney John Carmouche Pretends to Care About Your Money, While Fleecing Taxpayers at Every Chance

In his new ad campaign, coastal-lawsuit attorney John Carmouche has a catchy tag-line to change public perception of his war on Louisiana jobs- "Polluters Should Pay, Not Taxpayers".

In another ad, Carmouche rails against "taxpayer funded bailouts" for oil companies. You can see both ads below:

As we've covered before, Carmouche sings a much different tune when it comes to taxpayer funded bailouts for himself.

During the pandemic, when small businesses across Louisiana were struggling to make ends meet, Carmouche's law firm took over $730,000 in taxpayer funded bailouts through PPP loans- which were later forgiven. Carmouche's taxpayer funded windfall was more than 13 times what the average Louisiana small business received. While Carmouche was taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money, he was still able to find enough extra cash to pour into political races, including the Judges who will decide the fate of his lawsuits, and, ultimately, his taxpayer funded payout.

Of course, the PPP Loans are only the tip of the iceberg on what Carmouche hopes to receive from Louisiana taxpayers. As he's made clear time and time again, Carmouche's lawsuits against the oil and gas industry will ultimately yield him a big payout- and it won't be the oil companies paying him. It'll be you- the taxpayer. You can hear it in his own words:

Coastal Lawsuit Attorney John Carmouche: "I’ve Said It 50 Times, I’ll Say It Again. I’ll Go Under Oath...The Only Way This Happens Is The Taxpayers Have To Pay The Bill.”

So far, voters haven't been fooled by Carmouche, with 57% saying his lawsuits are about "trial-lawyers looking for a payday". His new ads, laughably pretending to care about taxpayer dollars, are a clear effort to change that perception, but the voters shouldn't be fooled by a man who looks to taxpayers for his own bailouts and profits.

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