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LSBA Ramps Up Lobbying Efforts

COVID, Unfinished Learning no longer top priority of Louisiana School Boards Association

We've previously reported on the taxpayer funded lobbying efforts of the Louisiana School Boards Association, and their advocacy for other left-wing ideologies. In a committee debate earlier this year, LSBA Lobbyist Wendy Baudoin claimed the organization stepped back from legislative lobbying last year as their "priority was Covid related and pandemic related, in terms of policy and unfinished learning", a claim that is dubious at best.

Regardless of the truth of that statement, LSBA has left little doubt that they are fully engaged in legislative lobbying this year. Like last year, LSBA currently employs three paid lobbyists, Janet Pope, Dannie Garrett, and Wendy Baudoin. Former LSBA President George Nassar, a member of the St. James Parish School Board, has also testified on behalf of the organization this session.

All four can be seen on any given day in the legislature, testifying against school choice, in support of bills to restrict Louisiana's ITEP program, and against transparency in public school funding- even admitting they worked against it last year, when they were supposedly distracted by the pandemic response.

In addition to employing 3 paid lobbyist and the help of their elected leadership, LSBA has leaned on its members to directly lobby legislators, regularly sending out "Calls to Action" complete with talking points for school board members and contact information for legislations. You can see a a small sample of these many "Calls to Action" below:

LSBA "Call to Action" In Support of ITEP Restrictions

LSBA "Call to Action" Against School Choice for Military and Foster Families

LSBA "Call to Action" Against Financial Transparency

LSBA Sent Multiple "Calls to Action" For ITEP Restrictions, calling for "All Hands on Deck"

If LSBA took a step back from legislative lobbying efforts last year, it's clear from their many "Calls to Action" and lobbyists running around the Capitol, that they are back in full force this year, putting to good use the over $730,000 in taxpayer funded dues to lobby in support of protecting the status quo in public education.

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