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School Superintendents Show Hypocrisy, in Minutes

Louisiana Association of School Superintendents Executive Director Michael Faulk's Disingenuous Arguments Against School Choice

We've previously discussed the newfound opposition to school choice legislation by members of Louisiana's education swamp, including Louisiana Association of School Superintendents Executive Director Michael Faulk. Faulk has been called out by legislators for remaining silent on the issue last year, while going to the table against nearly every school choice bill this year.

Faulk's comments against school choice legislation this year have focused on two issues: (1) The proposed Educational Savings Accounts may not always cover the full cost of alternative school options and (2) claiming that the ESAs "limit access" for students with special needs.

Below, you can watch Faulk make both arguments in the Senate Education Committee against HB 33, which would provide ESAs for children of military and foster families:

Immediately after HB 33 passed, the committee considered HB 194, which would provide similar ESAs for children with special needs- directly addressing Faulk's concern from HB 33. Faulk again put in a card to speak against this bill, but had left the room- perhaps afraid to be called out on his blatant hypocrisy:

LASS Executive Director Michael Faulk left the room instead of defending his opposition to ESAs for special needs students

Faulk's hypocrisy shows what we've been saying all along: the education swamp, including the Louisiana Association of School Superintendents, does not care about kids or giving them a quality education. For them, it is all about upholding the status quo, at the expense of Louisiana's most vulnerable students.

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